Addicted to your antipsychotics

If I do not take my antipsychotics, seroquel and zyprexa, in the evening, I can not sleep in the next night at all. I have tried it a couple of times, and I have always stayed awake and my next day has been messed up because I had not got my sleep, which is why I must always take my meds in the evening. I have also pramipexole to treat my restless legs syndrome and without this med, my sleeping is not very good. Do you have the similar situation?

Yeah, if I don’t take my meds I end up in the hospital.

Yeah, I know what it feels like to be tied into a medicine. I’m like you, in that if I miss a dose of my med, I usually will pay the price for sleeping. When you don’t get sleep it’s one of the worst feelings you can have, so you are forced to take another pill. I wonder why it is that I no longer can sleep naturally because growing up I slept fine. I guess the body gets used to having the med and it making you sleep and when you take it away you can’t sleep. It’s disappointing to not be able to naturally get to sleep. I myself need minimum 2mg Risperdal to sleep.

If I miss my Seroquel my voices and hallucinations amp up
If I miss my Latuda then I’m lethargic and apathetic and have a hard time convincing myself why I should even get out of bed
If I miss the Xanax I’m out of my head in panic and amping towards paranoia

That happens to me if I don’t take my zyprexa at night. No sleep + my next day is messed up.

When I tried to go off of zyprexa to take another drug, I got down to five mg, and for two weeks I had no sleep for half of the nights. I gave up.

the last time I didnt take an effective dose of Geodon, I nearly ended up in a hospital. Antipsychotics have terrible withdrawal, and it’s a one way ticket to having an episode, so skipping our meds is asking for hell to break lose. Remember that if you are feeling better, it’s because of the meds, it doesn’t mean you don’t need them anymore…

I’m getting off my anti-psychotic. I have not had any withdrawal effects. I have a right and choice not to take them if I feel they are preventing me from living an optimal life. I’ve never been hospitalized as an adult and there was never a reason to be. The psychiatrist called recently and asked me to come on Tuesday to get a medication refill, when all she has to do is call it in. She put me on an on call basis due to missing 2 appointments. Honestly I feel better when I don’t think about it.

I feel better. That’s the whole point. I do not feel as chaotic or internally wrapped up or stupified. I feel pretty clear and now I’m confident to look for a job. It’s total B S they were giving me stimulants to counteract the antipsychotics. It’s insulting to my intelligence.

Yeah, but take into account some people hav one episode and then recover. If they are continually conditioned to believe they won’t recover than they are dependent on medications which are not beneficial…if u no longer need them…then why convince someone of something that hasn’t happened yet? It’s been over 8 years since I was truly psychotic.

Yes… I can’t sleep if I don’t take my Seroquel and Prozac But when that happens I triple up on my trazadone

If i don’t take either of my antipsychotics or my clonidine at night,I am up all night and can’t sleep for a while.

Have you been on medication those 8 years?

You may be one of the few fortunate ones. You’ll never know unless you try it There have been studies that showed significant loss of brain tissue in people who neede the meds going without them.

here much of the same. I am also addicted, pill or no sleep. also headaches sometimes if I forget a couple of nights.

I don’t mind too much, really. keeps me taking them and lord knows I need it.


Hmm that’s odd, them giving you stims to counter the side effects. Sounds like you’re fine though! What antipsychotic were you taking? I was told in school that most have horrible withdrawal.