Sleep has been all over the place. Not good

Man my sleep patterns have no pattern lol.

At first staying up late was exciting but now I wake all disoriented and can’t remember when I went to bed.

But the solution is at hand!!

My neighbours dog needs me to let him out for a comfort break at 9am a few mornings a week. I take him out at other times too but 9am is the earliest start.

I have committed to this schedule with my neighbour so am gonna stick with it. My neighbour is a wonderful person who has helped me out countless times.

Looking after Alfie the dog is the least I can do


That’s nice of you Jim I hope you and Alfie can help eachother out haha. Using valerian the herb really helps me sleep tho. I get atleast and extra two hours every time I take it.


I hope Alfie helps you get a better sleep schedule!

I take Sleep 3 every night. It definitely helps me.

The first layer is chamomile, lavender, lemon balm, and valerian root, which are all flowers and herbs that help your relax. The second layer is quick release melatonin to help you fall asleep. And the third layer is long release melatonin to help you stay asleep all night.


Looks like one of those fancy bakery cookies lol or maceroons whatever you call them.


download (27)


Thanks for the replies folks!

Hey @ThePoet yeah I hope to take a herbal treatment for sleep I think

@Blossom that supplement looks great. Just checked but we don’t get in the uk. Melatonin is prescription only in the uk apparently


Dude wow never knew melatonin was prescribed there. Here it’s everywhere lol


Yeah it’s says is usually on prescribed to folk coming off or on shift work

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In Norway it’s recently legal to sell 1mg units or less melatonin. Everything over 1mg is on perscription. But you could ofcourse only take more 1mg units if you want a higher dose.

The reason is that taking more than 1mg could possibly give insomnia in the long run by supressing the body’s own production. The body naturally produces less than 1mg melatonin on its own under normal circumstances.

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