Skitz break?help pls

Is it possible to have a break no paranoia no voices to live a fantasy 8 weeks but only involves 2 people?The rest of life completely normal.Thinking I need to go back on med severe stress think took me on a break,or I know some way messed up people .Then something is said and snap you come back to realizing it was all in your head

i feel your hope and desperation, but i dont think its possible. neither do i think its possible for me to be totally sane/normal again. i wish i were wrong.

Feeling way confused right now been off meds for years.Those who know me know me to be 1 of the sanest most logical people they know.I know 100% normal today again.I do know people have breaks under high stress just not sure if that is the case,and if was a break can reoccur at any time.Maybe next time not so easy to pull out

Hope you feel better soon

thanks think stress level needs to come down 1 day at a time I guess

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