Hey guys - my update

heyy havent been on here for a while.

Things have happened.

so its gonna be my 3rd year off meds this march. after being on meds for a long time and not depending on it at all. ive noticed my feelings are more calm but when i am mad its more intense.

like everyone knows for a fact that im not a creep or im not a dangerous person. so it really does tick me off when somebody were to tell me that i am based on sharing my honest feelings after ive been patient for too long. rarely do i get mad tho. just when i do im guessing its shocking.

yea so smoking cigarettes is a thing now. tbh its been helping me cope and get organized. i dont like smoking a lot to begin with so i’ll only have one or two before or after work/school and i feel like i can get through the day. stops paranoia and voices ive noticed sooooo goooood…?

I am glad you seem to be coping off meds. It’s a real achievement to be able to do that. I have tried a few times and it went wrong. My mother will not let me stop them now.

Cigarettes I find helpful also.

So do you experience paranioa and voices since stopping the meds?

Ive been off meds, it isnt so bad for me. My thoughts speed up and thats about all. Tho i start noticing patterns in things aswell sometimes.

What kind of cigs do you smoke? I smoke king size stuff, i agree that smoking is so helpful sometimes. I wish i could quit again, i might.

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Each time I go off my meds, I think the UPS truck is sending me messages…as in…“U Piece of Sh!t”.

Just one example of hundreds of cases of my delusions of reference coupled with delusions of persecution.

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Never quit meds before have been unmedicated with schizophrenia for about ten years and my functioning was affected and lived in a dream world

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We are hanging in there lol best of luck to ya

Yeaaa such a pain to deal words ruining into weird sounds lol yea I smoke Winston I was smoking Marlboro before tho

We all live in a dream world
Lol my dream is to stop being so paranoid :joy:

No drama’s. Problem is that if it’s schizophrenia like most of us around here you’ll hit psychosis and then there’s little choice. Yes. People survive and move on without antipsychotics but for those who are multi episodic it’s usually something you need to function…

Function is the key to the whole question. If you struggle and go psychotic again. Take the pills. If you survive without more power to you…unless it’s like insidious onset. I just moved from doing ok to psychosis and it wasn’t any fun at all.

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I see what mean . Thanks for ur honest response :+1:

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