Site Policy on Intellectual property!

Intellectual property is something this site should protect.

It’s a public forum. It’s hard enough to maintain some sanity. There are ways to protect your copyright as previously suggested. If your a writer you know this already.

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Ridiculous. We have no individual names on here. The standard is anybody and anyone.

Not in the mood to argue. We have creative people who share here but you have to understand it’s a public support forum. Our role isn’t to protect things you choose to share. Maintaining anonymity is another issue simply because this site continues to be publicly searched on the world wide internet.

If you are worried about your private works then there is the option to not share on a public forum. That is just the breaks.

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YOU were the one blasting someone else’s stuff all over your Facebook and NOW you’re concerned about misuse of information? That’s ripe. Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Lets not turn this into a conversation that takes it away from op here @Daze . There’s better ways to handle such things and this is not helping original posters questions.

No it isn’t.
Works crafted by a person
have personal copyright
protected by the electronic privacy act.
Look it up.

The feeling is mutual between you and me.

I’m an all-star. Nobody copies Sheri.

I’d imagine it would be so but it’s a support website. If you don’t want the risk don’t share. All’s I’m saying. Please desist and allow this thread to continue for the op.

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Why take no responsibility?