I went to college to study Mass Journalism

but I couldn’t get into the program,
cuz I only C’s in the pre-req’s.

switched to English, and studied and wrote,
creative writing. been writing ever since,
been published.

I’ve posted of or about, some of my works on this site.
And when a woman on here said
she was a lot like me, writing 10-minute plays

and sketches, I knew right then, she was lifting it
from me. Nobody does that format, but Me.

I shared this absolute anger with my friends on Facebook, and my blog. And This site, sz.com, suspended me for 6 months.

There should have been nothing to do with this site of what I do elsewhere online. I don’t know if mods do this to Everybody
on this site, likely it’s just me.

just a shout out, if that woman still frequents this site,
Get your own game plan for writing. it’s been hard enough
for me to be original, unique and authentic. and you can’t take that away from me.

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Sz can make the feeling of losing something to someone else very real. I get this a lot, even when I’m not too bad mentally.

I hope you find some relief @daze. Nothing can take away your originality and authenticity.

has nothing to do with schizophrenia.
it was/is an all out copying of what I’ve done for decades.

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Well, you can’t copyright your process for making something, only the something iteslf.

What is Mass Journalism?

my blog says, when I write a creative work, It’s been published.
many places if it’s published online somewhere,
you can’t do it again. no idea about This site.

Mass Journalism is getting into news broadcasting,
and/or writing a column.


No one is copying you.

Anyone here could claim you copy them. Where’s your proof you don’t?

And you do NOT have a right to post anyone’s information, especially their picture from here elsewhere. If it is seen and reported, no matter who does it, that’s an automatic 6 months. If you do it again, that’s a year since you already had 6 months.

It costs zero dollars to leave someone alone.

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