Sinusitis from Risperdal?

So i finally got to the doctor about the tarditive dyskinesia. because she was a primary doctor she said she cant diagnose TD but she said my sore throat was linked to my earspopping and facial twisting she did a touch of five points on my face and asked if it did anything. each point she touched made it twist on the opposite side of my face. she did say her opinion is that its chronic sinusitis even though i had no mucous in my nose which was odd at the time. the meds she gave had me blowing my nose twice a minute the last three hours. im hoping the twisting goes away because it was seriously effecting my mood, which makes sense because i was possibly sick with bacteria and didnt know it.

she did say risperdal sometimes causes this which is wierd. have you ever got a sinus infection you didnt realize was there? i apparently had an infection way in my nose cheeks and ears and didnt notice mucous until it hit my throat

That’s interesting. Hopefully you’ll get some relief. I’m sorry risperdal was so hard on you.

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its good man. i have so much hope now apparently there are sinuses in your checks and even behind your eyes and in your forehead. googling stuff can get you paranoid. im so glad i might not have a permanent disorder that pressure was unbearable

Yeah I’m still a little schizophrenic. I got this persistent paranoia that I have worms of some kind. Something I want to get checked out to be for sure. Tapeworms or whatnot is pretty ■■■■■■■ creepy to think about.

if you end up having tape worms ivermectin kills them completely but its not reality so dont worry either way. sorry your still there maybe up it but 1/4 of a pill ask your doctor first

I think it could just be a natural fear. Talked about tapeworms with a couple buddies the other day and watched an episode of family guy where Brian had worms. It got me thinking.

thats how my psychosis started pattern seeking through family guy.

I’m sorry risperdal was so much problem for you. For myself pretty much the only thing that works for me. Hopefully they can find what works for you and with minimum side effects very soon.

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I gather he is pretty much recovered. It was all brought on by adderal was it not?

good thing? watch your hormones if you have insurance

yeah taking ADHD meds. had a guy on another forum try to shame me for wanting to stay off meds altogether and kept telling me strattera. id rather leave all the cabinets open in the kitchen and lose my keys for twenty minutes each day then then go through this ■■■■ a third time.

only hallucinations left is when i go to bed and close my eyes i hear random conversations that dont usually pertain to me. i gotta figure out how to rid myself of this last piece and i should be fine

At least it’s isolated. It’s strange though everything I hallucinate pertains to me. It’s almost as if I could filter out my symptoms by that qualifier alone. I think I might do that. In reality a lot of people love me but no one really gives a ■■■■ about how I’m doing and what I’m going through.

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the way i reasoned it to myself was the parts of my brain that listened for to hear my name with normal people was just turned on and activated all day long. its like were stuck in a mode of listen’ apply to self… i started to think i was being narcisitic but no it just inverts things you hear back to being about you

Yeah been through that. It’s sort of hard to unwind from. Have to relearn that most of the world doesn’t give a ■■■■ about you and they are all minding there own business. When worded that way it sounds rough but really it’s better everyone deserves privacy.

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do real world conversations start to sound like there about you too? i had this. at panera ladies were like “hes going to lunch tomorrow with them” and even though it was someone elses conversation i though meant he as in me so wierd

yeah a lot of that ■■■■. I’d also contort sounds to say thing probably totally different from what they meant. So many times this happened but I can’t remember a single one. I gotta do all I can to prevent psychosis again because I know I have the capacity to become super paranoid again. I’m over the worst of it though it’s all centered around telepathy and it’s becoming more clear to me that that is just not real. Nearly impossible on all scientific levels it would take a device that is well beyond our technological capabilities. We won’t see it in our lifetime.

i had this too. like when the refridgerator would make sounds i interpreted it as a word. i hope you get better man im glad your getting there slowly

Yep came back from that psychotic place. I feel better just a little unfulfilled with the rest of my life. Went to a concert yesterday though. Slowly plugging myself back in. It’ll probably take another year to completely get over this ■■■■.

doin you think a slightly higher dose could safe you a year?

I’m already at 8 mg so no I don’t want to push the envelope luckily I don’t have any side effects at this point. And I meant more on a psychological level not a symptomatic one. Gotta bury this ■■■■ in the past and have some normal life experiences.