So far, my Antipsychotic is no longer working

This really sucks - Usually I will get immediate results, I recently raised my Risperdal dose up to 3 mg and I have actually gotten worse as far as my mania and mixed episodes are concerned.
The other day I was acting silly and basically stupid, high as a kite with mania - yesterday my brother calls up with seemingly good intentions and I basically harassed him.
Earlier this morning, I was laughing hysterically one minute, the following minute, I was venting with anger.
My moods are not stable - I am rapid cycling and I dont know if I can to go to 4 mg of Risperdal in a couple of weeks, worsening of side effects at this dose.
My psychiatrist is going to have to figure something out - I have tried all of your heavy hitting mood stabilizers before.
It seems that Risperdal is not working any longer! Anyone else out there have their Antipsychotic poop out on them?

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I don’t have much advice to offer but just want to say that I know how it feels and I hope you feel some relief soon. Hang in there… it gets better :slight_smile:


Thank you @anon80629714 - I really appreciate it

I been using risperdal over 9 yrs now, and it still working, despite having a movie like false memories, but now i cant know for sure if those false memories are the cause of low dose or withdrawal, i have to hang on and see, its scary because i cant really tell the difference between false memories and actuall memories.


Oh Man, I am so sorry this is hitting you. I know you’ve been very proactive in trying to stay level.

I wish I had a great idea that would help, but all I can offer is hope and a shout out that you feel better soon.

I’m glad you’ll talk to the doc. I hope she has some answers that get’s you back on track as soon as possible.

I’m rooting for you big time.


Hey @Mindwhisperer from personal experience and a good knowledge of the psych meds, I can honestly tell you that the false memories that you are experiencing sounds like its from a low dose of the Risperdal (antipsychotic)
False memories are not a direct side effect from antipsychotic withdrawal - but they are a psychotic symptom - good luck to you buddy

Thanks for your support always @SurprisedJ

I’d push the dose to 4 and see what happens.

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Hey Greg, I may have to do this first - I have been on 4 mg before, a while ago, but this is probably going to be my absolute limit - not going to 5 mg

This: (click on dosage for more info) says you can go up to 6 mg. May want to consult the pdoc first.

I am already contending with some pretty major side effects Greg, I really dont want to push it too far

Maybe there is no magic cure. You’re going to have to figure out what sucks the least.

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Hopefully she will figure something out - I will listen to her advice, not going to push back, my options are dwindling

It hasn’t been extensively trialed, but I found some information on the net that suggests low-dose Haldol is an option. I’ve been researching it a fair amount since my last post, and that was what I was able to dredge up.

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That medication was Invega, which is the active metabolite of Risperdal. I switched to Haldol, which has been working ever since then.

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Wave , as far as I know you are only on the raised dose a very short time. You maybe just readjusting.

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I’m sorry you are experiencing such instability. I can’t imagine what that would be like. Years ago when I had mood problems it was the same all the time just depression. I used to take Risperdal 4mg twice a day. Do you take the 3mg twice a day? Once a day seems low. I couldn’t function when we tried to reduce it to 3mg twice a day. I always needed the four. We used it for the psychosis though. I’ve heard of using the atypicals for mood but I don’t have personal experience using them that way. Are you still on the Lamictal? Has your pdoc ever suggested ECT? I know they use it for mania and depression. I received it for my psychosis because the meds weren’t working. When I started treatments I was on 1200mg of Seroquel and 8mg of Risperdal, the max for both doses, and still living in Wonderland. The treatments cause the meds to work better also. I haven’t been getting treatments and I’m on 160mg Geodon and 400mg Seroquel and having no symptoms. Don’t give up hope! I almost did but I’m glad I didn’t. :sun_with_face:

No, I am taking 3 mg total - it is pretty low, I will raise it if I have to.
I am still on Lamictal @SunGirl - I promise I wont give up hope, thank you @SunGirl

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True @Meteor I will give it more time, about 2 more weeks or so and see - thanks

Glad things are working out for you @AberrantSalienc - Haldol is a good med