Since 2018, I have huge gaps in my employment History CV /Resume...,,,,

Should I give a brief explanation that I fell ill but am now recovered for working full time? since 2018? On my CV/resume

IDK it just looks bad. If there is no explanation

but if say I fell ill it looks bad too?

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I am in the UK BTW not US

me too, but i have a program in social service that helps me explain my gaps so it doesnt look that bad.

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If the gap continues try volunteering. Human Resources looks to this I have on pretty good authority.

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yea…I did also add that I attended Recovery College in my local borough (2018-2020) in my education history but IDK if they will piece the puzzle together that this means I was ill and trying to recover since 2018. Maybe I should add Recovery College at the ++++ Psychiatric Hospital :s to be more clear…

but I don’t like the words psychiatric hospital to be on a CV that will be on their file system for who knows how long …well IDK

if they grill you, which I hate, or say, Why did you quit that job?

I always say, I had good reasons, it wasn’t a good fit.
Typically I never get the job. ha.

other times I’ve explained my gaps in employment
as I was actively looking, especially now, Rona, you can say that.
or I will say, I’m a full-time writer and wanted to finish a project.

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What Is a CV?


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Everyone tells me to use the ‘I was caring for a sick family member.’

But don’t think I could ever work again.

I’d be F’d if they revoke my Disability.


This sounds much better than saying this:

Take that from someone who has screened other peoples CV’s and conducted 1st and 2nd interviews.

If I’d read about recovery college or being in a hospital, I’d bin the CV, as it could be a signal that the person might let the business down through being off sick.


I would tell them that I was struggling with the medication but that my dose has now been lowered and I feel better.

I think a CV is the same as a resume in the US?

It is what you hand to a potential employer to see a bit about you and your background

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But it’s lying.

Which brings me to this:

Why is it that you always have to lie at work? I don’t think I’ve ever held a job where you weren’t expected to lie.

A job interview is basically a test of how well you can lie. IMO

Don’t they have special programs for jobs for people with health issues in the UK?

Sorry to hear that. Mike, hope you are ok with that…

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The advice I was given was to say “I’ve only included relevant work experience on my resume”

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A CV is a curriculum vitae. It’s the same as a resumé.

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I think they do but I am impatient…I am just walking around in town now handing out CVs lol

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Does anyone in your friends or family circle have a small business in which you could get some recent work experience?

The competition for jobs is very, very high. Anyone with gaps needs to find a way to bury this as an issue in the interviewers head, and have a reasonable excuse that prevents it being questioned and lying to have to go on and on.

I am just advocating a white lie on a CV so that @anon83141956 can get across the line and in front of someone as a bare minimum.