The nurse would insist I add my illness to my resume

I had an employment specialist and a nurse. The nurse hated that I was off sick for 3 months and I was claiming employment support for a month. She said you need to find a job quick as the benefits won’t last forever. She had no idea what she was talking about and I think she got fired because I did complain. She was very rude.


In my applications I provided some information in my letter of motivation. I for example stated that the company could get financial support from the Government for hiring me.


I think that’s fine but she basically said to put schizophrenia on top of my cv.


I wouldn’t do that. That’s a bit of a scarecrow.

I never mentioned my diagnosis at the early application stage.


That did give me a bit of a chuckle.

Thank you for coloring my early morning!


What a weird nurse. Many nurses and psychiatrists have problems themselves.

Nothing wrong with claiming employment support when you are genuinely sick. That’s what it is for. Better to take a bit more time, so you don’t fall ill again. Half my country has a burn-out, and attitudes like hers are the reason.

Other people don’t put their illnesses and flaws on the top of their cv either. No use. I now look for jobs in places that specificly hire people with a distance to the labour market. Still I present mostly the things I CAN do. That’s what a cv is for. I mention it. But just in a line, in the right years, with a favourable explanation, and no diagnosis.


This is absurd. I would never advertise on my resume I have SZ


@Kxev, especially to make it the cv header is weird.

I don’t get this nurse


Adjustments and disclosure of diagnosis need to be strictly with HR and then occupational health

Only then is it down to you whether you share with your line manager

For the first time in October last year I disclosed everything

It worked far better than I could have imagined!

Have adjustment to work from home, and they provided all the equipment to do so

It also depends on the size of the organisation… Although it shouldn’t.

Some of the bigger employers can absorb any absences will ill health, and may even still compensate you

However, a business with less means would struggle to cover your role - as with a smaller team this is a big problem

Your nurse IMO sounds like a jackass… I personally have listened to their advice like this before.

It cost me two jobs over two years - and I was off sick for nearly 12 months in that time

I wish you luck. Maybe stick with the benefits for now?

With Universal Credit, I read somewhere that in some cases, if you get the incapable to work award, in the small print of student finance you could still claim and study as well.

Might be worth looking into?

There are many courses online since Covid…

Maybe if you took the time out for a year or two it could be a time to up skill to a job that perhaps could be done from home?

If you went self-employed, Universal Credit will also support you in this as well - by not deducting your entitlement until you’re back on your feet

Not telling you to do anything, but maybe some of the above might be a way you could go within the context of being a Universal Credit claimant

Good luck @Milly


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