What does your employment history look like?

I have so many f ING gaps everywhere.

And also my last three jobs I left cos of illness.

And also most of my jobs are one month long except for one.

It’s so bad.

I need to change this if I can from now on…


From 14 til 25 I was pretty much working all the time. Longest gap was like a month max.

I’ve been unemployed from full time work for the past 3 years because I had a relapse due to a large amount of stress by working 2 jobs, 7 days a week.

I dont think I’ll ever work full time again.

Part time, I’ve been doing courier food deliveries for about 2 years. I volunteer on the weekends.


I’ve been on a disability pension since 2004 but I’ve had a break from that to work in a major bookstore. I was a bit cagey about things because I wasn’t working so passed it off as working for my brother in law. He was an electrician who ran his own business so a great one to use as a referee.

It’s one of those things but sometimes it pays to be creative. I was in a relationship and didn’t have to work. I looked after a family member etc. I have often bent the truth but everyone does it.


16-19 I was a waitress
18-21 I was a color guard instructor
21-26 I managed group homes for adults with developmental disabilities

Then I got sick and stopped working.


Like a “Who’s who” of ashole co-workers and moron bosses.


My reference people don’t really have much to say about me. I wasn’t the best worker…

I really need to collect some good references.


2014-2016 I worked at a call center, 2016-2017 I worked at a department store, I got sick in late 2017 and went into hiding until early this year when I got a fast food job, which I quit in August. I can never seem to stay anywhere very long. I’m eager to work again; it’s a new goal of mine to stay at one job for more than a year, unless it really sucks, lol.


Yea I know wat u mean, I need to build up some loyalty with employment!!!

Gd luck antidepressant 044.

Hopefully we will both get there


I got my first job at 17. I’ve had about 25+ jobs since then. I’ve been successful at some of them, I’ve got fired from at least 10 of them. I had two jobs that I stayed at for 4 years, I had one job for three years, and I worked as a park ranger for two years.

I had one job I walked out after one day, lol.

Another job I was there for a couple of months and then I walked out at lunch without telling anyone and never went back. They made it official when they called me up to tell me I was fired. “Potatoes, patatoes.”

From age 17-19 I had about 13 different jobs, none lasting more than three months. I worked at a tobacco factory when I was 19, and then as a silk screener, those were kind of interesting.

I got sick at age 19 and didn’t work again until I was 23. Interestingly enough, my first job after an 8 month hospitalization and then an additional 9 months in a group home, I lasted four years. I was psychotic a lot of the time, sedated so heavily from prolixen I could hardly walk and my last year there I was addicted to crack.

I’ve worked at two gas stations, 7 different restaurants, 6 different department stores and two driving jobs.

I tried construction work for a week and I hated it. My late ex-brother-in-law got me the job because his twin brother was the boss. He did me a favor so when I realized I hated the job the only way to get out of it was lying to my boss and telling him I was afraid of heights so I could quit, lol.

Since 1983, the longest I’ve been unemployed was about a year once. The next longest was probably about 7 months once. And a few other times for 4 or 5 months.

I’ve been at my current janitor job for 5 years.


I respect your work grind @77nick77


Thanks. I wonder why I still work, until payday comes.


I havent worked since i was 19. Im 45 now. The only two jobs i had was working for the local council doing IT support (in the days of windows 3.1 and 386 pc’s) and care assisting. Theres not a chance i will work again. And im glad i dont work anyway - ive suffered enough with MI, and im doing my own thing now im in recovery.


Your health comes first mate.


17- 22 sex worker
24 6 month office admin traineeship ( I was stable & functioning)
26-28 sex worker

Haven’t worked since. I’m 47 now



Some side jobs during study, fancy internship, 9 month trip abroad, 3 years in a good job, 2 years ill while under contract (they are obligated to keep you 2 years), 5 years ill and just some volunteering, 1 year in a good job, will quit next month.


I worked as a cleaner at a hospital for 14 years. Had my first psychosis there when trying a receptionist job.
Felt like trying something new so quit and worked as a personal assistent for some months. But got a job offer in another city so moved there and worked for six months. But quit for several reasons.
Now I’m gonna study to assistant nurse in January next year.


Never worked . Nearest I got was a plan in 1979 to sent me to a industrial rehabilitation centre to see what I had an aptitude for .
My then pdoc said I was not well enough.
On hindsight going to an unfamiliar place far from home ,in itself would have been very stress provoking .


last 5 years has been college/volunteering/caring for mum and a member of the clubhouse to fill in the gaps, i have been employed a little bit as a cleaner but i’m hoping for something else

i’ve got an admin type role coming up soon thats up to 15 hrs or cafe work, i’m working up to it, if i dont enjoy it i guess its back to the drawing board.


21-25 corporate job, with one 5 month break due to psychosis.
25-32 disability


18-20 Coffe shop jobs.
20-27 Day Care work
27-36 Disability
In my twenties after college I just went from Day care job to daycare job because I could never control the kids and the workers picked on me.
At 27 I had my first break down. After my break down at 27 I tried about 8 different jobs, all of which lasted less than a month. Been on disability for 7 years now. Dont know what to do about working. If I should keep trying or just stay on disability.

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