Silly question

This might get flagged or removed because it may not be appropriate but here goes anyway;

I’ve been off of APs for a while now. I want my dopamine receptors to normalize (I want to feel pleasure again).

Do I indulge in things like coffee, nicotine, masturbation, etc, or do I refrain from them ?

Any advice is appreciated, but please no negativity.

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Did you come off your meds per a doctor or on your own? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

I met a really good psychiatrist and with her help, alongside my doctor, both set up a strategy plan for me to get off my AP.

That’s not important nor advisable in any way by the way.

Ok. Well I wish you the best. :raccoon::raccoon::raccoon:

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Thanks @GrayBear,



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I kinda figured that about you.

Are you still symptomatic? No pdoc in their right mind, (and there are many out there)
would say stop taking your psych meds.

I was my decision and yes, but I can cope with it.

I dont hear voices, I suffer from other things.

In what sense?

Hypertonic, idk. 151515

I’m still confused but okay.

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Is this a science question? IDK about normalizing dopamine receptors.

IDK, except to say everything in moderation.

Nick, you don’t remember being in rehab and they said just one smoke,

You mean not the whole pack? You mean just one cup of coffee, and not three?

Reaching always for straws.

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I’m not quite sure I understand, @Daze. “Rehab” is for detoxing from alcohol or drugs and I was never in one.

In the psyche wards, I never smoked or drank coffee.
I was a good patient. In 8 months all I did wrong was help some guy steal some coffee from the kitchen. And then I worried for a couple of hours that we would get caught.


That’s funny, thanks for sharing.

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I kind of figured that also.

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That’s fkn jokes.

What do you guys mean ??

At times you seem a bit hypomanic to me.

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Well if I’m a member here, and often suspended

I would say you go by the medical model,

are you ok?

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Why ?

Because I started using emojis ?