To Daze re: meds and booze

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Boy, howdy. Block off those dopamine receptors until they die from disuse. Not an altogether “bad” thing for sz pts, but a =major= problem if they use drugs that depend on the dopamine channels… because they’ll have to use a LOT more to get the same effect. Like (sometimes) =too= much for their bodies to handle.

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Do you think I need to be something to quit drinking?

Like more supplements, or something so I don’t shock my body and mind?

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These people I talk to on occasion, I don’t know if they are true schizophrenics, maybe not, because there is a subset of people who will hear voices, but @Tidus on here said

it started to veer into manipulation, and that’s is so true when you try to tell them anything about getting help for their voices, and will really turn it into YOU are this, YOU are that, you can’t be serious? I mean, just for having an opinion.

To tell ya the truth, I kind of wonder if my doc put me on this Effexor to help along with quit drinking.

Maybe not.

I never used to have this sickness all the time before taking it.

I think we got into this once before. With the dual-diagnosis stuff we have, the typical substance abuse treatment schemes often fail. I’d go to a facility like The Meadows, Sierra Tucson, Hazelden or Betty Ford where they have to sophistication to deal with that.


Ok, I’ll see what I can do.

I can’t go in patient though.

I was just thinking that maybe folic acid, or other types of supplements for the body while quitting.

Whutttttttt? Uh, oh geeze. Effexor is dangerous ■■■■. Has a really high potential to throw a psychosis sufferer into florid mania. (Grrrrrrrrr.) (Not at =you=. Just frustrated with some of these prescribers.)

Is it??

Oh, no.

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One of the things that lifts when you quit drinking is this permanent haze over your senses, and for me,

it was something that I fought against, I believe highly in this form of resistance in things, such as, resist ugliness to find beauty,

resist evil to find goodness, so it’s a challenge now to not have that feeling to fight against, and I’m not sure where to direct my fighting,

so I think that physically lifting weights or something like that might help.

I’m sure @soitgoes knows what I’m talking about with quitting smokes.

All I can tell you is that I’ve seen you around this community for years now. You not only have not improved, I’d say you’re doing worse. What you’re doing right now definitely isn’t working for you.

Hell yes on quitting drinking.


I consume about 2 beers a day on average…and my wife still wants to throw me off of a bridge because of it.

I’m not interested in getting drunk anymore…but I do enjoy a small beer buzz from time to time.

Generally not a good idea to mix meds and booze. :frowning:


I agree, Pixel…

But ‘everything in moderation…including moderation’ is my motto.

Not suggesting it for anyone else however. That, and smoking cigarettes are my only two vices.

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Eeek. I’d be more worried about the smoking.


You make me want to drink, Pixel.

Your problem, not mine. Nice try with the manipulation, however.


Yeah, I know, Pixel, you’re judge and jury.

This isn’t helping me.

I’m going to have to take a break for awhile.

Happy end of August.

see you in September.

Merely observant:

You can keep playing around with your meds and your delusions AND booze, or you can try to get better. You’re been stuck in the same rut for years. How much are you enjoying it? Honestly.

Enjoy your break. Sincerely wish you well.