Excess dopamine

Hey all, anyone find that even with their AP’s they’re still getting excess dopamine. I seem to be more sensitive to it now. If I exercise or even eat something pleasurable I get a massive hit.
Whats with that

What you eat directly affects the functioning of your brain. Diet has been a critical part of sz for years. How much Dopamine is getting blocked depends on which meds and how much you’re on.

I feel guilty about how much pleasure I have been experiencing lately. I think there must be something wrong with the pleasure centers in my brain.

Once I found out that if I drank large amounts of coffee and did large amounts of ephedrine, together with moderate exercise, I could amp myself up pretty good. It ended in disaster.

I know that when I fall in love I get psychotic. Trying to stay out of trouble. Love is a massive dopamine storm in the brain.


Isn’t it now thought to be too much dopamine in some parts of the brain(what APs are best designed to deal with) and too little in others?
The trouble being that APs effects are imprecise or to some degree like cracking a nut with a hammer.
I wonder how many have seen a reduction in positive symptoms only to notice the apathy has either stayed the same or got worse.

yep that’s what I’ve heard too

What about your past? Before the illness and the APs.

What was your lifestyle like? Did you smoke or do drugs or drink alochol? Do you drink caffeine?

If you are living straight edge and you are well rested it wouldn’t be surprising (to me) that these things have this effect.

I played lots of video games that gave me a +dopamine effect. Used to eat lots of sweets and gluten stuff. Now I hardly do (since about 5 years) cos I can’t tolerate it much. I did smoke weed for about a month, that’s why I had the psychosis. But otherwise I’m living pretty healthy, about to hit the gym soon.