Should Mercury amalgumns be banned

Mercury is one of the worlds most dangerous neurotoxins why are Mercury amalgumns still being used as some people go into shock from a bee sting can the same not be said of mercury poisoning, Andrew cutlets books amalgum illness is hard to get hold of which would seem their is some political silencing about Mercury, copper Aluminum lead and other heavy metals by the Pharma companies, Mercury does cause mental illness it causes mental and physical deteriation, a wide range of mental and physical condition, I for one don’t believe the science crap about schizophrenia being in your Dan make up, heavy metals bindi ding to receptor sites on a molecular level are nigh on impossible to detox, hence their now using ultra sound to break down the Aluminum plaque in Alzheimer’s patients, Mercury the big political and industrial conspiracy of silence from everyone to government big Pharma and quack psychiatrists

OMFG yes! It’s downright criminal of them to not be banned!

Never having mercury fillings does not mean you never get schizophrenia or any other mental illness. I had the idea that fillings caused mental illness and asked somebody in the hospital how many fillings they had, they said ‘none’. They didn’t smoke either. For me, I do remember things getting much worse very quickly after I started smoking, for what it’s worth.