Association of Trace Metals in Patients with Schizophrenia - PubMed


I went to a naturopath long ago they wanted to “detox” lead and mercury. I felt it was a scam.
Even though it could be possible. I’m not sure there protocols really remove anything except for the money in your wallet


Looking back that experience was hilarious. I was floridly psychotic at the time.
He was using this diagnostic device which my voice were like "Its Fake!!!
So whenever he’d bring something up the voices would be like “he’s lying!! Call him out on it!”

So I’d be like “why am I allergic to mushrooms that’s not true”

And he’d get all flabbergasted cuz I was just grilling him lol.

Then he gave me the list of “allergys” and my voices told me which ones were fake and which were true.

They were all fake according to the voices so I scratched them all out :joy:

I was freaked out being there cuz my voices said demons had possessed everyone and all the old patients were under some curse or something losing all there money.

It wasn’t far off they really were getting scammed lol


I took activated charcoal to clean toxins and radioactivity to fix my sz without meds lol Yea I was fully psychotic. Its all bs.

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Had the same experience.

They wanted me to cut a bunch of my hair off and send it to some sketchy lab.

I was paranoid as hell about the whole thing, plus no way am I cutting my hair :sweat_smile:.

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Haha i also had kind of a similar experience except i walked into an AA meeting. My voices berated everybody there and then asked me to leave. Its kind of funy and a bit of a buzz seeing as no one knows your hearing these voices, it also made me realise (presently) how much i believed the voices at the time, or went along with them

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Oh yeah the “hair analysis”. They do all the tests that regular docs don’t lol

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They did a pinprick blood analysis test and said I had stage one atherosclerosis lol.
And he did a funny thing. I was in the office in a t-shirt and he had a sweater on and he said are you cold? I said no. He said that’s because your whole body is inflamed. LOL

Luckily I’m not super gullible.

Honestly these people can be crooks and should be barred from practicing any medicine

#stayskeptical :sunglasses::partying_face:

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