Should i stop beverages that

should i drink beverage containing caffeine??

you know we dont control our lives totally

i heard it has diuretic effect and can harm kidney

so should i should stop caffeine containg beverages ?!!

i feel habits moving me

so if i stop all beverages that containing high caffeing

i will be safe

as like i said to you habits moving me

or the risk is not that high ?

i want to bring myself to safety

as i said to you habits control me

if i allow to myself …coffee
may be i drink 5 6 drinks everday for days
as i liked it !!!
this strange but that what i do !!!

Yeah it’s a stimulant but it’s sometimes the lesser of two evils when your sedated on psych meds.

I’ve been drinking a lot more tea lately. It’s not higher in caffeine but you absorb the caffeine quicker or something but it’s one of those things. We are all different.

If you think it’s affecting you adversely then by all means reassess. Otherwise some caffeine isn’t a bad thing.


I was just about to post that lol. Yeah. Sorry - i need my filter coffee in the morning :grinning: