Severe sedation from coffee

The sedation from coffee has gotten so severe that I have had to stop drinking it. I guess I could have a cup before bedtime but my meds make me good and sedated already so it’s not needed.

I truly enjoyed having my morning cup of coffee, the smell of coffee brewing, the smell of the cup when you bring it up to your mouth, the first sip, I use to love the way it tasted with a cigarette. But the last time I had a cup of coffee I had several sips and was holding the cup on the arm of the sofa and the next thing I remember was waking up to me dropping it and it splashing everywhere. It went all over the wall, the curtain, the sofa, the computer, the carpet.

It’s has gotten to the point where only a few sips just ko’s me. And my doctor can not tell me why. So I had to quit. I have taken up Chai tea, and it does not have this affect on me. I love it and I have it with a little honey and half & half. Not quite as good as coffee, but pretty darn good.


Drink a glass of water before your coffee. Maybe its dehydration

depending on what med you are on it could be due to caffeine in coffee being a cyp1a2 inhibitor. which would increase concentrations of the med in your system. im on olanzapine which is metabolized by cyp1a2 and i consume alot of caffeine but dont have too negative of effects from the interaction

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I can only have a teaspoon of instant coffee a week now. It makes me feel much worse otherwise.

I think some people are just really sensitive to caffeine.

Well at least you can enjoy tea. That’s so strange that coffee seems to make you so tired. Could it have been a coincidence? What a strange side effect for a stimulant! Although, people with adhd calm down when they have a stimulant.

That doesn’t make sense. Coffee does but tea doesn’t? Tea has caffeine, too. Unless you’re just drinking herbal.


You’re right! Chai tea is a black tea which has caffeine. I should have thought of that

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It’s very possible it’s psychological.

Your brain associated coffee with a safe and relaxing time, so it triggers a relaxing response.


I cannot have coffee,
used to be my favourite before,
since couple of years I have only tea.
I cannot even have dark chocolate and currently cannot have outside food as well.
But when I have home cooked food,
there is no issue with my chest.
Else severe acidity in my stomach.
If this continues will visit a doc.

I’ve got to say I drink extremely strong coffee a few times a day and it doesn’t stimulate me but tea does. Black tea wakes me up just a tiny bit sometimes. Coffee can make me psychotic if I have an enormous amount but it has no noticeable stimulating effect. I believe the caffeine in tea is different.

Today is my last day drinking coffee. I had four cups this morning and now I’m done with it. I donated my coffee maker to the university so a student can take it and use it. The rest of my instant coffee my stepmom can drink and we can have to give guests. I’m only going to drink green tea from now on. :smiley:

Caffeine is caffeine. It isn’t different because it is in something else.

There are other compounds in tea that have relaxing effects.

Maybe there’s a metaphysical reason, lol.

I can drink soda too. It is the coffee that sedates me. Almost instantly. It may be psychological. I can drink black or herbal or green tea. I can drink any kind of soda.

My sister bought me an espresso and I passed out in the car.

I drink about three cups of coffee a day. Sometimes more but I drink caffeinated sodas too. I love caffeine! Sorry it does that to you.

Thats possible. I can drink a big coffee and sleep right away. But i can also trick myself into thinking it will wake me up.

Caffeine normally improves alertness, but there is only so much it can do. Are you sleepy regardless of the coffee? Some people have paradoxical effects to drugs. For example, sedating antihistamines make some people more awake and alert.