Should I keep a journal?

I write down my theories in it.

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I have one that’s filled and now I write in another one. I don’t know if it helps.

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I keep a recovery journal. I like to keep a record of where I am and what I’m having trouble with. It’s amazing how over the years my problems have gone from things like not being able to cook noodles while home unemployed to juggling a heavy workload at work and getting home in time to making a multi-course meal for guests. Great way to measure progress.

I’ve never used a journal to record voices or delusions, however. Neither are important. At all.


Yes, I so sometimes do

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I write down what I think about what’s happening in my head. Because I can’t think strait sometimes and I want to think clearly. I can’t because there are a lot of thoughts in my head. Even when I don’t write about my theories at first it usually ends up going in that direction.

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You write your theories too?

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I find writing things down helps me

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I think writing is therapeutic, I have kept my paper notebooks since 1999, over 19 years, I think that writing helps, you can write whatever you like, very personal matters, feelings, thoughts, observations and so on.


Okay I will keep writing. Talking about my theories to other people is bad, and so I thought maybe writing them was too. But I didn’t want to stop writing them. I have theories on a lot of things. The beings, why the world is so corrupt, why a lot of people don’t think anything’s wrong, etc.


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