Should i go back on antidepressants?

I was on escitalopram for like 5 years and cymbalta 4 months. I just got tired of constant insomnia and lowered abilility playing video games. I was feeling really well, quite social and most of the times hyped. I stopped like said, because of insomnia and sleeping too much. I also did not like much of being always stimulated. However ive become to see if ill want to work again and be in employment, I will have to take antidepressants. Maybe my low mood is now from withdrawals, cant tell much. I dont feel depressed now, i dont feel anxious or in confused state. Most likely what i havr is negative symptoms.

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doesn’t that contradict each other?

I mean ot takes so long to fall asleep. Delayed sleep i meant, but overall I slept a lot when I was able to fall asleep. Sometimes i used to spend 6 hours in bed to try to fall asleep


I quit my AD’s for the same reason and I am still here. For better or for worse.

Best decision I made cutting my med intake right down to the bare essentials.

It just got silly how many pills I was being given to take

Im on only antipsychotic depot and its alright. What antidepressant were you on?

I was on Sertraline for a few months, then I was given Mitrazapine but I ripped it up and never got them

I was considering maybe switching to trazadone or mirtazapine. Could you give your mirtazapine review?

I never started it - the weight gain side effect put me off and I never took it. I just threw a box away that the doctors sent the pharmacy

Was on 200mg Sertraline for 18 years. It sorta worked out the reason i was so bloody depressed was because i was psychotic and confused.

They treated the Sz - and my mood lifted lol. It turns out i just needed medicating properly.

I was right impulse on the stuff tho - never thought things thru.

Mirtazapine, just an antidepressant, might work for you might not.

I have to take 15 mg of mitrazapine for akathisia apparently it helps will i get huge or is that a low dose? Is it as bad as zyprexa