Stopped antidepressants, need confirmation

So its been a rough road with antidepressants for me. Started escitalopram in 2016, stayed on it until 2020 summer and went off and on it. Tried cymbalta also. Recently I was on trintellix and it gave me such dizziness that had to quit, stayed 3 months on it. Withdrawals were terrible, went a bit paranoid of people for a bit, so restarted escitalopram for 6 days and on 4th day im all off, feeling much better. I dont have antidepressant akathisia, no insomnia, no dizziness and no sexual problems. I went off without psychiatrist’s blessing, he lets me decide on my own what to do with my meds. So ive made a decision and sticking with it. So far I feel calm and a bit down (not depressed) not really talkative and cant make much of an eye contact. Although stopping antidepressants, also increases my dopamine so im more motivated now.

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I stopped antidepressant too.
I have some days of depression,
just as before.
Doesn’t last for days

What antidepressants did you use? Did it worsen sz for you?

It was called deprevix, 300mg.
I had too high mood, so
we stopped it

Since we stopped,
I have libido and erection again

I recently quit sertraline, almost 6 weeks free now. I struggled for years to discontinue its use but addiction (technically is not addiction but it makes nno difference) was too strong, a nightmare in fact. Congratulations on your victory. Much better to invest on good food, sport and sex, but of course each case is different.

Party time again! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Hope you can atleast take some herbal supps and stuff…if your deoressed im not a doc but id say make sure youre atleast eating enough fruit and vegetables.

Also breathing exercises and aroma therapy

I am eating farmish food, its fine. I hope my paranoia related depression part wont flare up again

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True i see…have you tried exercise as well it really helps me…stretching too

AD’s like AP’s can be a blessing for some. In my case AD’s often are bliss in the beginning (except for the SD - in my case “just” anorgasmia). But AD’s too often stop to work, i have noticed that several times.

But i have to say that the two best years was when my MAO-inhibitor worked and for some it continues to work, sadly not me.