Should I fight or avoid

Should I fight the illness and force myself to socialize more or should I aviod socializing to make myself comfortable but without friends…

Which is better,can you guys advice?

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I guess our brain is like knife, the more you use it, the sharper it becomes. So we should make efforts to socialize more in order to keep our brain functioning.

I am myself struggling to socialize more, read more and think more despite the frustration.


I tend to drift away from other people. I have thought at times that I didn’t want to be around others, but then I found out that I did need some human company. Maybe you could work out a compromise, where you have time alone, but where you can have company if you want it. If you’re too isolated you grow eccentric, which isn’t tolerated, accept with wealthy individuals. Spending time alone helps your creativity, but you pay an exorbitant price for that creativity.

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I’m at a point in my life where I’m balancing socialization with solitude. Its honestly tough. Too much of either starts to trigger my symptoms.

However, I’fe become much better at conversation with friends. And with practice, I’ve come to enjoy both the socialization and solitude. Its given me more of a positive outlook on the everyday, and the long term.

I would suggest starting small with socialization. Like spending just 1 hour having coffee with a friend. Then take a few days to be by yourself. Then go out again. Do this until you’re more comfortable spending greater amounts of time socializing.

Right now, I can tolerate about 3 hours with a few friends at a time. This is a vast improvement from spending every day, for months at a time, by myself. It just took practice. And now I look forward to being with friends and talking.

That’s what worked for me. I hope you can develop a routine that works for you!




I spend the majority of my time avoiding socializing. I even avoid answering the phone. But then it comes and goes in phases for me, six months can go by in which I feel the urge to avoid and be alone and then I might hangout a little bit for a while.

As much of a loner as I am these days I do know that not having anyone to call even an acquaintance is a scary feeling. The more one isolates the greater the chance of this happening is, as people do move on, even the best of friends over time.

This reminds me I should call my guy Jcal jinglehiemerschmit as the last four times he’s called me I didn’t answer.

It is normal and human nature to be social - we are social animals. If you do not feel comfortable around people, I would seriously take a look at the antipsychotic that you are on - it could be too low - too high or not the right one for you. Have that serious talk with your doctor and see what he or she says and thinks. I know when I was on Abilify I used to be reclusive and pretty much antisocial - now that I am on Risperdal I am more social - but I am by no means a social butterfly. I prefer the company of family over friends and strangers of course


I have a very large family and due to that, there were always people over and around. I didn’t always do well with interacting. I did go through a deep period of isolation and I’m not good at answering the phone or hanging out too much with people. But when my sis moved in with me, people ended up being around. Plus, I have help.

Again, I find myself on the same page as @radmedtech. It’s a balance. Somedays I do push myself to interact. But then I also give myself some down time.

I’d most likely vote for some gentle force to socialize mixed with some time alone to decompress and gain your strength.


I read all,and it’s good advice given,I will try and do this advice


normal people find it hard to socialise, or find friends this is not unique to us sz.
personally i am happiest away from people, but i am older than you.
it is good to push our boundaries , gently, …that way we are trying to get better.
take care


If you are just starting out talk to people you are waiting in line with. I had two really good conversations with two different older people at two different pharmacy’s today. Elderly people tend to be pretty nice. It’s a good way to practice I think. You might find a friend if you end up getting your meds filled at the same time. You can socialize with the cashiers too (I don’t recommend employees on the floor. They have stuff they need to stock and things like that.) while they are checking you out. Most people are so rude nowadays that lots of people respond positively to someone cheerfully asking how their day was.


I ask myself the same question, though I am not comfortable with socializing. The idea alone causes nerves to spike and I need to keep myself calm or I will relapse again because tension and hyped up nerves are a huge trigger for me.

It is good to socialize at least a little. I find I do better if I have people to talk to otherwise I get very depressed. Finding a social group or support group would be good for you. Even if it is only once a week.

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Even when I was psychotic it helped me to communicate with others. I say keep trying. Focus on maybe one or two people who you can build trust with. You have to make yourself distinguish rational fears from those that come from sz. I still have to work on that. Today I thought someone might spit in my coffee, but I know it isn’t true. I had to label the thought and release it.


You could also think about how much spit would hurt you. Even if they have a cold, hot coffee should kill that right?

fight the illness dude. Once people you meet know you have it, they cut you a lot of slack and dont act mean to you, from what I have experienced. At least peer level people. Professors have cut me some slack for knowing I was schizophrenic.

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I am a quiet socializer. I try to be social. I belong to a bunko group. We play bunko once a month at someone’s different house each month. We don’t drink alcohol at bunko, but we have fun. I’ve belonged to the group for about 4 years.

When you get the desire to be more social, that is telling you to do it.
the more you want it to happen, the easier to let yourself take a chance and do it. What are you afraid of?

Thx for your comment,I am afraid of getting very anxious when talking to people face to face and couldn’t talk straight to the topic,I am now better with silent which I used to struggle but when I was about to talk I still get extremely anxious and look awkward