Should I change my medication to injection?

I am contemplating of switching my taking medication form to injecting.Should I take antipsychotic via injecting or oral,which is better?

Well. They say that the injection has less side effects. I like the shot. It’s easier than taking all the meds.

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I wish I could but clozapine isn’t in injectable form yet.

The reason is I don’t know if I should make the changes,people say sz won’t be able to recover.Injecting I save the trouble to take every night right?

Clozapine is the strongest,I knew there is a risk for a rare and deadly heart disease

I took haldol injection and also haldol pills so I could take a higher dose since the injection doesn’t really have such bad side effects. The pills were really sedating for me, but with the injection I had a lot more energy. If I could get all my meds in a monthly shot, I totally would. The ease and not having daily ups and downs was really worth it.

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I think there are pros and cons to injections. They are painful but one of my problems was getting my pills taken dependably. That didn’t happen until I got into a home where they dispense the meds for you me. Also, a nurse made a mistake on the amount she injected in me and I was very sick for 3 weeks until the effects of the injection wore off. That would not happen with pills.

Thanks,I was discussing with my family members.They said I should continue my medicine but I have been taking medicine for some years,I think I would like some changes to see if it helps the up and down

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Yeah. You don’t have to worry about taking meds everyday. I have less side effects and my voices don’t get too out of hand.

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I’ve had good results with injections, are you thinking about the Invega shot. Work’s good.

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I take injection as I forget to take pills invega

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