Psychiatrist increased haldol

Now i take 250mg/5 ml haldol injection and clozapine 200mg daily.


I don’t know why he increased the dose.
Maybe because I told him that symptoms come back after 25 days. I told him that I am better than ever

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It’s a pretty low dose of Clozapine. I’m surprised they didn’t increase that. But they obviously felt you were doing ok.

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Wow your on some strong meds. Do you have to have blood work done every week for the clozapine? I take 300mg of clozapine per day plus Invega shot per month. Hope your med regament is as good as mine.

Do you think it will help ?

Really ?
I am scared of side effects of 50mg injection
Dont you feel any side effects ?:open_mouth::open_mouth:
I hope you feel better now