Anyone who switched from Paliperidone (Invega) tablets to injections?

So I’ve received answers here from users who have taken Invega (paliperidone) injections.

However I’m most interested in getting feedback from folks who were already taking Invega tablets and now have switched to paliperidone injections. Any feedback would be appreciated! Thanks!

To hell with invega sustenna.

Im going threw hell right now because of that shot. Sorry

Yes I was taking the shots for a few months. Now on clozapine and feel way better. First two weeks of shot of invega is good. 3rd and 4th week I had bad thoughts about hurtin the person who sends me voices and some suicidal thoughts. Clozapine is way better. Clozapine works better then invega shot at its best.

I also went from Invega to Clozaril, though I prefer the injections over Clozaril.
The pills worked good too, but I was taking the max amount.