Should I bother with psychological therapy?

Is not that I don’t enjoy it. My psychologist is cool and we get on.

Just kinda feels like we haven’t achieved much so far. We usually talk about the last two weeks and stuff.

I had kinda assumed we would be doing cbt or something. Saying that I have only had three sessions. Maybe she is still evaluating me. SHe is the most senior clinical psychologist in the health board.

Ps maybe it is good it hasn’t gotten overly structured as yet - I hate doing homework mood diaries and stuff

idk what a psychologist does,

i just thought that they listened to you a bit like a counsellor

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That is kind of what it has been like. Had assumed it would be more clinical - not sure what I mean by that. More science like rather than just talking.

Saying that I have loads of little problems with my thinking so maybe she is still figuring out what the best approach to ur work should be.

Like I say she is very good and is super qualified to do her job. She is also an approachable person.

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If its not worth the money you should cut it off, some people benefit and others don’t. My old therapist wasn’t helping me so we discontinued.

I get it free on the NHS.

Give a few weeks or months, if you feel like it isn’t going anywhere why bother?

My therapist treated me very businesslike, I felt like a file in a cabinet and nothing more.

If you feel like there is some value there by all means pursue it further.

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its good you can talk about things bc some people with sz only see a psychiatrist and dont say much to them at all, i know this because that is what i did for a long time,

i started opening up after starting my current med and i have been told that i might get a psychologist somewhere down the line as well

i think that seeing a psychologist rather than a psychiatrist is like another stepping stone to recovery.

good luck with her :slight_smile:


Absolutely stay. I wish I had sessions with a psychologist.
It is your life, and your treatment, so it’s ok to ask questions. I would ask if she intends to do CBT.


Therapy is great. Not only it helps a lot having some sort of guidance, once you reach that stage of being comfortable with your therapist, real work starts to get done. You shouldn’t quit.


Only three sessions is very short amount of time. Generally speaking for me I see it changed some things although not the way I was expecting and not always things I was hoping for. But generally speaking it just it. Just talking.

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3 sessions is not enough time to accomplish anything major. Just letting you know that now. That’s barely enough time for the therapist to get to know you, much less start treating you.

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