Anybody have a psychologist?

I’ve been offered one of these and I’m going to take them up on the offer. I’d like someone to tell all my problems to and the history of what I’ve been through and I’d also like my psychiatrists to hear my side of the story through her. So do you have a psychologist, whats it like?


A good psychologist will listen intently as well as encourage you to explore health perspectives. Typically what is said in therapy is kept in confidence you will have to give permission for your psychologist to speak to your psychiatrist.

i have a clinical psychologist…as i don’t take meds
and i have a shrink if my clinical psychologist needs help with me…or i need extra help.
i do cbt…and for me it has been a miracle. :stars:
take care :alien:

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In my case, my psychiatrist is my psychotherapist; he has the two specialities.
I must say that he has been very useful since 19 years when I saw him the first time. I usually let off steam every week when I see him. I speak him about my anguish, my worries, my resentments. Other aspect is that he teach me ways for overcoming my problems with people or my relativies. I have confidence to him.

Take care.


I don’t have one at present… but I owe one money.

(I’ll pay him when I see him. Don’t worry.)

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I have a psychopharmacologist; we do therapy and she oversees my meds. I really like her and I hope you develop a good relationship with yours.

I am seeing a clinical psychologist, she is a nice lady.
I like talking to her as she is very practical and she dishes out good sound advice.
For me, medications are more important than therapy, because I have bipolar and schizophrenia - 2 biological based illnesses, but I still feel as if therapy is important.