Anyone else feeling anxious after psychology

Am feel anxious and unsettled. Think it was after psychology yesterday. We ended the session with something causing me to feel acutely troubled - but there was no time to address it so now stuck feeling bad.

Am slightly annoyed at my psychologist leaving me in that state. I don’t see her until 3 weeks and not sure if I will be able to cope till then. I think it was irresponsible of her to leave me in a fractured mental state.

Happened before with me, eventually I realized that it’s not their resposibility, it’s ours, we need to learn how to deal with our own crap, that’s basically why therapy even exists.

Sorry if I’m being too blunt, not meant to be mean, it’s just the way it happened to me :slight_smile:

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do you think she did it on purpose?

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One thing I started doing though, its end the sessions with something positive that I thought or happened. It always helps me to cope with the rest of the stuff that we deal with in the session.

Maybe you can try this @Jimbob?

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No not on purpose. It just seemed to be left hanging on a knife edge.

But like @minnii rightly said this is to be expected with psychology. Some walls need to be knocked down to allow new ones to be built.


My wife is a therapist. She says that some sessions are like that and it is frustrating on their end too. Sometimes it takes the hour to start getting to the good stuff and bam, it’s just time to end the session. That’s why therapy gets easier as you build a better rapport.


i hope i can get a psychologist some time, i was told i would but still havent :confused:

Will do @minnii.

We are going to take a more structured approach from now on as well. Looking at thoughts etc and less just talking in a more general way.

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I think the psychologists are spread pretty thin on the NHS. If you have the means you could maybe consider going private? Could be pretty expensive though.

Takes a while to get to know the therapist, and to open up the doors to the flood :slight_smile: When it starts working though, it starts feeling a bit bad too. My last session got me wondering weird stuff, and he said “I think we’re doing good, we’ll talk every 4 weeks now” :confused: I’m still in a bit of a hangover from what we talked about the last session and have new thoughts for him… So, I don’t know.

Try to calm yourself down, write down your worries and take it to her on the next session. Maybe in the meanwhile you’ll work some of them out.

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Hangover - that is exactly the right way to describe how I feel. Is good to know this is normal for talking therapies. I feel better now! Thanks @minnii :smile_cat: