Shoot.. I need to go for privacy reasons this time

It’s because I’ve spoken on here too specifically about my delusion. And also irl… people know of it too.

So I am afraid that I’m being tracked by former friends, or enemies, and giving them a free show, in the best case scenario.

I must anonymize, to shake off this perception I have of the outer world. Just the perception of it is too much. But I think I’ve compromised myself.

@ZombieMombie, @ninjastar,

I’ll promise to consider highly, working my way back to the forum in a way that feels better…

and I’ll use more discretion, to filter away the ‘bad apples’ of my real world If it’s real.

I’m cynical … and it’s inexplicable to me that I had this blind spot going…

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I highly doubt anyone is googling your delusions to see if you’ve posted them online


We do make exceptions to this rule if you actually think someone irl has found your account. Is that what you think happened?

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Do you have any posts you want deleted before being anonymized? If so, go ahead and flag them.


Yes apparently there are 29 of them. I’m on it…

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You need to do what’s best for you, you will be missed here though.

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Thanks for saying that… It is real for me so it is a must. I hope to return in a way that only the site and those on it, can I.D., me.

I feel better having read my posts though, and even my detractors irl would PROBABLY give me credit, and forgiveness now… but I can’t be certain.

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that’s a bummer that you are leaving… but you might come back huh?

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Yes… and I’m sure my ‘toxic masculinity’ (I kid…) but it will be just vague enough, just interspersed enough, that I’ll be found out eventually ONLY by forum folk. ; ).

(Oh dear…)

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I will miss you on here @anon64158233
But I understand.

Good luck to you!


I need this to blow over…

Logically I know nobody in this world cares enough about me to HURT me, but it’s wrapped up in my past. And my Sz.

And recent Mistakes due to being drunk were actually the biggest catalyst here…

I lashed out verbally about so many people, and admitted so much crapola. I really could see myself being watched for sick amusement by one friend who left, anyway. A total goon in my eyes. I’m talking to him right now with saying THAT. And that’s why it’s real.