Please delete & Anon Account Please

@ninjastar @anon9798425 @SzAdmin

I already sent szadmin a message like a month ago and never heard back and he never replied. Thank You!

You’re a pretty active member of the forum @insidemind. If you don’t mind me asking, why do you want to go?

Did you follow protocol and send two requests, two weeks apart? I can post the way to do it again so you can see if you did so.

Can you post the instructions? Because I just sent one message, so I guess that’s a no. So Do I have to start all over again? 2 messages 2 weeks apart?

Lack of freedom of speech, being called delusional, and paranoia about what I post here, which ends up with me being flagged constantly by a few determined members. Sometimes, I feel I’m not totally right in my mind and have fears. You know, like I’m being watched or something…I don’t think I’m totally crazy.

I’ve been trying to get help, you know. I’m thinking about my future and stuff if I have anything left of it.


Here you go. Hope it helps.

You have a future!


Sorry to see that you want to leave. I’ll miss you if you go. I wish you the best with everything.


Yeah, I enjoy your posts. The posts about past lives are worrisome though.

Best of luck whatever you end up doing!


I don’t think you’re totally crazy, but a lot of the stuff you post is really out there. Some of it might be triggering to other people who are struggling with the same kinds of thoughts. In any case, I think you’re an important part of the community and should stick around.