Shitty day, shitty week, shitty month, year and life

pretty much everything about it is ■■■■.


I’m here for you.


I know it’s tough to see it now, but there’s good in all of that also. You just have to try and remember that.

It’s all temporary


It sounds to me like you might be sliding into a depression. Maybe you should try a new anti-depressant. Talk to somebody about it. You can lick this.

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Sigh a friend of mine saw my posts on fb. Said that’s not you. I have the insight just can’t control my mind

It’s all about perspective. When you are depressed or feeling bad about yourself than that is how you will view your life. When the ineviitable upswing comes back you are going to see that your life hasn’t been all bad.
You are a victim of “all or nothing” thinking. You are feeling so bad right now that you aren’t remembering all the good things you have done in your life which I’m sure are many. Your life has not been a 100% bad nor a 100% good. You just can’t see that right now.


…same here.

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Feeling that way also. It might be depression. And I feel my brain is going to have a meltdown.

But we all gotta continue on

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Thanks for writing that nick. Helped me today


I feel like im drowning and I can’t get back up to BREATHE. like theirs no light anywhere to be seen. I have a pdoc app on 11 April there is no way I’m going to live to see it

Of course you’re going to live to see it. Hold on ish, better days will come for sure.

My GP said this is high anxiety I really feel depressed.

Are you feeling suicidal?

No but still I feel depressed

It’s rather normal, given all that you’re going through at the moment. It will pass, I assure you.

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Try 10mg ish. 7.5mg made me feel like your describing.

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