Is it depression


I feel useless, just going through the motions in “life”. I’m slightly depressed and not suicidal ( I don’t believe in suicide). I have plenty of things and some special people in my life to be grateful for but inside me the darkness beacons. I’ve been through it, the good, the bad -the ugly and I made it thus far although the darkness whispers that I should be in it- with it. I used to live alone like a monster in my abode, peaking out of windows and being aware of demons, real and imagined. I live with a woman now, moved from a place I did not like living in and life is good…but seems no matter what - the darkness waits.


The depression will pass, just sit back , relax and take it easy. These depressions pass. I used to have severe depression and my greatest aid was the tv. It kept me company and was my only friend.


You have a lot going for you. You said you are in a new place you like some people don’t have that. Focus on the positive, that usually works for me when I’m depressed.Also doing stuff helps… Hope you feel better soon😇


when your depressed it hard to imagine ever being better but it can and will get better.
do little things that make you feel better ANYTHING. sending hugs and pls see you doctor if you get any more suicidle its the illness that distorts reality and you not thinking clearly with te bad thoughts si important to seek help.


Thanks for your concern and suggestions.