Shamans and Other Musings (TW)

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Hope this post finds you all well :dizzy:

One time while unmedicated, I went to go see a “shaman” for a spiritual exorcism.

This shaman was an older woman who used to be a psychologist, and lived about two hours away from me in a fisherman’s town.

I forget exactly, but I think her website mentioned she had studied shamanic traditions in the jungles of Borneo under some village leader or something.

Like, I much prefer different shamanic traditions, but I was desperate. You see, I was being attacked and possessed by spirits and all.

So yea, anyways, I remember waking up at the ass crack of dawn on a misty December morning to make the journey up the coast-- $260 in my pocket and a white sheet as requested for the ceremony.

After two hours of driving, I finally arrived at her house-- a quaint two-story New England-style cottage tucked away in the coastal woods, and a car parked in the driveway sporting a Bernie Sanders bumper sticker.

I entered, and immediately smelled the perfume of my grandmother-- long since passed away.

Anyways, long story short: we talked for about an hour and a half, and then she told me my spirit animal was a cat. She then proceeded to bang on a drum until I was semi-lulled into a trance, where she then performed a cleansing.

Afterwards, she invited me to join a group that met up to sing to the whales.

I paid her the $260 and fuucked off.

The whole drive home, I cried.

Her voice had suddenly found its way in my head, and I was convinced she had somehow possessed me as well.

Took about two days for her voice to leave.

…Ultimately, I was out $260, and the voices were still there.

I dunno.

I have always been connected to nature, and have great respect for indigenous cultures and ancient traditions.

The mystique of the natural world calls out to me often, and I yearn to live amongst the trees.

I walk with one foot in a man-made world hurtling towards chaos-- the other foot toeing the natural veil of the unknown.

Psychosis was my heaven, my hell, was an unraveling and a rebuilding of everything I’ve ever thought I knew.

…I dunno.

Some days I just really hear that call.

Thanks for reading :dizzy:


Thank you for sharing.


if we talk deep into shamanic traditions, they not suppose to cure they suppose to heal.
read about your spirit animal cat on internet. you have to work yourself. shamans just bring balance in the world. they heal you on a soul level. mental illness is different. just follow your heart

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meditate meditate meditate thanks for closing