Anybody tried to be or interested in shamanism?

I read Sandra ingerman books, and now reading Urban shaman by Serge Kahili King.
I tried shamanic journeying with audio cd, but didin’t achieved jet or learned something from that, as well I was tried to sing today to a tree by making whistling.

I read Sandra ingerman, Carlos castenada, Michael harner and some other lady

Have you read speaking with nature, it’s cowritten by ingerman and someone else

Realize shamanism is not for me

I loooove learning about it but I will never be the heralded white shaman I have heard about

A little too delusional based for my liking

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I’d like to be a healer, but not through crazy rituals and hallucinogenic drugs
Those days are part of my past :smile:

I know I’m generalizing shamanism here, but I believe in your simple medicine and therapy instead

I hate Terrence Makena for influencing me to take a lot of drugs and I don’t listen to him anymore. I didn’t read speking with nature I read, How to thrive in changing times, how to heal toxic thoughts and tried read direct path of shamanism awakening to the spirit wourld, but didn’t finished it couse I need to translate a lot of words, and is hard to understand, I believe I could be a shaman , a shaman that takes medication by himself but does drumming circles for others to journey, but I need to know more about that ofcourse, and I don’t know if If I can handle a drum correctle and beat it rhythmically because of my schizophrenia, but I want to start to dream a better dream, couse like I now read in urban shaman first principle is dreaming … shamanism is only books I am now reading in my own language and can concentrate in reading and read, and I have a friend in shop who sells crystals and esoteric literature and can talk to…

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it’s a crooked trail of empty promises and broken dreams


very, Pixel. skimmed.

i thought shamanism was like voodoo, i think i would stay away from that, i don’t trust it

before I was saved by Christ Jesus I studied Swami Muktananda and found the meditation very blissful seaching for inner peace! Now I meditate on Christ and intertwine it in my prayers.

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hmm, yeah. The catholics in the Vatican might worship Lucifer, only because he was the one who brought us the greatest salvation.

thats not very nice, looks like you caused her some kind of psychosis,

its the imagination, get the mind in the right mood in a darkened room and it can see things a bit like being on lsd, the dream world collides with the real world, it is kind of spiritual but as in a dream it is not a reliable source of information imo.

@asgoodasitgets you make my heart sing for some kind of softness I might have abandoned. God bless you, friend.

Isn’t Shamanism a druggie thing?