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On schizophrenia. In Latin American tribes (?) they believe people with schizophrenia to be awakened bacause they have a higher understanding of the fact that what the supposedly normal are able to perceive is not all there is out there. We see there is more to it than just the usual normal perception.

I am not saying you should believe you are a shaman, just that there are different points of view than the Western medicine one.

Remember this next time somebody claims you are crazy, low intelligence, brain disordered or dangerous. Don’t let people put you down because you are fighting a battle they know nothing about.


You should read Mircea Eliade and his book on shamanism

Just google his books

He wrote on that subject extensively

He was a romanian american profesor at the Chicago University specialized in history of religion, shamanism and spiritual experiences

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Was called a shaman once. I was running a cult while I lived in New York that used drugs to commune with spirits.

We got shut down.

That was a weird adventure.

Thank you, I have read a book of his om anthropology but have since forgotten about him. I didn’t know he had books on shamanism. I will check them out.

@Ooorgle That sure is weird, man. Hope I don’t trigger anyone with my post

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