An intesting text I found that involves schizophrenia

Here is the PDF I found. Check it out. It has an alternative thesis on schizophrenia.

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Holy ■■■■!

Did i just read that?!

So, anyway i was sitting there one night with whomever, it was obvious i was not alone, and my freaking hand began moving by itself, it was a strange and creepy feeling, scary as hell.

This was right around the time i was run outside by a freaky light in my kitchen that shouldn’t have been there and seeing a tree sized serpent covering my entire tree in the front yard, and holy ■■■■ was she pissed off, very angry!

Some already know whats wrong with us, try asking them, they can tell all, they knew the whole time.

I’ve wondered often about the discovery of these pills, you say it was accidental? Perhaps not at all.

i saw online, this is strange, snamhs backwards, shmans, what are the odds of that happening? shamans. Almost every visual hallucination i’ve had has been seen by shaman throughout the years, although i would not consider myself shaman at all, there is no way that i am.