Shall I say this to the pdoc?

" Safety is relative, so what you think will keep me safe probably won’t for much longer."

I am scared of pdocs so that’s why I’m asking about saying things to them.
I’m worried they will be rude and won’t listen to me.

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Just be honest and tell him all that you are thinking…from your other posts you sound delusional…the pdoc is there to help you, not hurt you…trust your doctor and take your meds.

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I am going to print out some news articles for him/her to read that support what I’m saying.


When I was younger I was afraid they would lock me up. After I had kids I was afraid they would take my kids away. Then I thought they should be able to tell without me saying. Now I’m afraid they’ll switch my meds all around. There’s always some reason…Just be honest, It’s for you’re own good.

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Did they ever make you go into hospital after you were honest with them?

no, I only had to go to the hospital after trying to take my own life or threatening one of them.