Paranoid to ask questions

I really want to ask questions but im so scared my psychiatrist is here and im paranoid im going to be sent to a ward if she reads my comments.

Im also scared of everyone on the forum ganging up with them and getting me. wish i wasnt.
Im so tired of thinking someone across the ocean is in contact with pdoc and recording everything i say here.

Im also extremely paranoid to go try sleep later. I think i have a rare thing where meds are evil and aint gonna work


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I’d say if that happens know you can just get another pdoc.

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I dont think i can.

I think this pdoc is going to try make a fool of me. im too scared to leave in a weird way incase of that and she tells the everyone about me and everyone who knows me.

Never a sign of a Pdoc around here. They aren’t out to get you. You’re right, it’s just paranoid thinking.

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If that happens you could sue and she/he would never work again


I wish i could find out somehow

On their time off work Pdocs are probably very glad to stop thinking about us for a change.

Not to make things worse but I had a pdoc that spoke to my mom and convinced her to send me to the ward. It was horrible! I had just started a 1 week vacation that I hoped to use to relax with and get my head together. In stead I’m in the bathroom and at my door was the police, my mom and my uncle. I didn’t even open the door, they came in while I was still on the throne and took me away. I stopped talking to my mom for about 9 months after that. By the time I was out of the hospital I was so messed up I had to ask work to give me another week off. Then when I returned I lasted 2-3 days before I just walked out of the office and never went back.

Only good thing, and it was really good, is that the hospital found me a new pdoc that did therapy and medicine and was extremely well renowned. He actually co-wrote the disability legislation in the US and eventually got me on medication that actually made my life bearable.

Long post I know, but there’s always a silver lining in even the worst of my stories. Hope you enjoyed it.


I kinda liked my time in the psych ward other than the fact that I was crazy and thought that the hospital staff were there to rape me and cut off my genitals. I got to meet a lot of interesting people with mi going through a similar thing to me and some of the female nurses and pdocs and patients were very attractive so that was a plus. Basically my days consisted of socialising, doing art, playing instruments, sleeping a lot, and chilling in the botanical gardens across the road. But I don’t know who your pdoc is man and I wouldn’t tell them anything about you anyway. Though I should add that your best chance of recovery is being open with your pdoc. Remember that recovery is possible.


Even if your pdoc was here - which isn’t likely - they are not going to send you to the hospital unless there is an immediate danger. Are you going to hurt yourself or someone else? If so, you should tell your pdoc, because it is much better to be in the hospital than possibly do that.

I don’t think it is weird to be afraid of meds. I think it is extremely common. And it doesn’t help that they often have sucky side effects. But if you are honest about your symptoms and willing to try a few, you may find one that helps a lot without unbearable side effects.

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