Shaking when nervous in public

I had to talk to a couple different strangers on two occasions recently. I haven’t talked to someone i dont know for a long time. I started shaking. Literally could not stop shaking. My legs and hands. Felt like a freak. Guess I need to get out of the house more lol…

Have you ever done this?

I got lucky. No one noticed/didnt point it out. Which was kind of them. Ill tell my pdoc about it next time i see him.

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This is a really common reaction to being nervous. If you look up reactions to public speaking or any kind of performance, shaking and needing to pee are the most common.

I fumble over words, make weird noises, and shake when I get nervous.

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This happens to me a lot. I concentrate on one thing, 5 senses. It’s called grounding.

I used to shake and sweat like crazy. Give it a try. My old therapist taught it to me.

Take care.


Thanks guys. Its very comforting to hear this is not too unusual. Appreciate the advice about grounding. I practice meditation and mindfulness to ground myself. But i guess I need to work on it more as it only really grounds me when im alone/somewhat in my comfort zone already.

Stay awesomesauce.


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