Been trembling a bit

anyone get the trembling thing? i think its an anxiety thing :confused:

bit worried about it, hope it doesn’t get worse

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I get this because of my PTSD. If it’s a new symptom, report it to your doctor. It’s probably not TD, but you want to make sure.


I read that it is a symptom of anxiety and i think its that but it is hard to tell, its hard to know whats affecting me most of the time,

if it keeps happening i will definitely tell my doctor :slight_smile:

its really annoying sometimes though esp when someone is near to you and restless and i can feel the tremors from their leg bouncing,

or when the washing machine shakes the whole place down at my clubhouse lol

It makes sense that you would be feeling anxiety over your tickets.

maybe, i try and not let it bother me, i put my armour on but i guess their are chinks in it, idk, i can never connect the dots with these things,

could be meds or psychological, maybe i push things down and this is what surfaces, idk, keep trying to figure it out.

Ask your pdoc for Propranolol, it helps with shaking, tremors, and trembling.

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thanks Dre91, if it gets to a stage that it is too much i will definitely ask for help, i’m trying to not let it bother me, its just very random and i cant control it.

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I get tremors from anxiety. I can’t hold a cup some mornings it can get so bad.

Don’t want to scare you but make sure it’s not Parkinson’s

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