Shadow people

Has any one had experiences with shadow people or seeing shadow people? I saw one which looked like a woman with long nails and she did some thing weird to me at the hospital like she tore open my aura with fear and I saw her more than once

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I’ve seen shadow people only at night. When I was small I saw a women with long nails tear into me and create fear. Didnt see the face just the hands.

I see shadows moving in peripheral vision and when I turn my head to look directly at them, they disappear. Small shadows running or crawling.

I’ve seen shadow people too

I used tp see shadow people

I’ve had experiences with them too, they’ve never come off as dangerous. They did wake me up one night standing over my bed, that frightened me, about 8 of them.

I’ll see them peek around corners, dashing just out of full view. Been with me for years

I’ve seen shadow people running through walls in my house. They don’t bother me

i ve seen shadow people but not details on them, juts a shape of a human but shadow formed.
it was in 2014 and i got scared very much.

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I have shadow people often more at night

I see shadow people at night mostly. Usually only one. It also talks to me. It’s very frightening. But it hasn’t happened in a while.

I’ve seen demons and angels, but I don’t usually see humans/shadow people. However, we had a shadow man in our house. He primarily wandered up and down our hallway slowly and entered just inside the doorway to our bedroom a few times. My husband saw him too (and he doesn’t have sz)
Neither of us has seen shadow man for months now. I don’t know where he went or why. I never knew who he was or why he was here. Our house used to be a drug house, though, so we guessed he was some drug user who came back here, but we have no idea.
He was totally harmless and I kind of miss him.

I’ve seen shadow people before too.

I’ve seen shadow people too. They don’t bother me and are harmless. I usually see them for a spilt second and they disappear. What do shadow people usually mean?

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