Sexuality and schizophrenia

@RowanAmethyst I’m always glad to see you. I was hoping all was well.

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I don’t think I actually identify. I was saying this in a different poll…

I fall in love with people. I fall pretty quickly I think…

Some are guys… some are girls…

I don’t really see myself as straight or bi… I just see myself as a person who falls in love a lot.


I know when I was going through my " I want a sex change " thing very strongly I imagined myself as a woman with a man. Nowadays I am not sure. My only sexual encounters have been with a woman but I’ve looked at gay magazines in the past . What I do know is that gay/straight/bisexual I am not keen on being the dominant partner.

Re this question I wonder if for some sexuality fluctuates inside or outside a psychotic episode.


I do know I fall in love a lot more when I’m having a manic hit…

when I’m crashed and wax covered… I’m more nonsexual… I don’t see myself attracted to anyone for anything.


Same here. 1515

Fluidity is the word.

My sexuality changes depending on whose around and what’s said to me. Typically collapsing to a more monosexual state where I don’t have access to the other.

That’s why I don’t care to identify.

Try explaining that to someone who thinks there are just straight/gay people. I’m not necessarily bi, I know why someone would be. Blah blah blah. I could try to sort this out all day and it still wouldn’t make sense.

My hallucinations are always telling me what state I’m in. They won’t stop so I really can’t settle out.

It’s when I get depressed though that’s when I quit fighting.

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I went through an awkward hetero-curious phase in my youth.

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I know what I feel around certain girls is the most genuine and wholesome ■■■■ I know.

I tried coming out as bi just so I could quit thinking about it. They stuffed me back in the closet as quickly as they could.

Let me be free from this.


I was just wondering what people thought of polyamorous relationships…


My husband and I were in one for about a year. It was both good and bad.

Is that like open relationships?

I have a feeling something like this is developing in my life.

I love both people involved…

just trying to figure myself out.

Well, as laid back as you seem to be, it might work for you, but, it’s difficult to divide your attention. If you, or any of your partners have even a shred of jealousy, it can ne rough. Just remember that everyone needs to be VERY honest about their feelings and desires.


It’s an odd feeling…

The girl I’m dating came into my life as a friend about the same time my oldest best friend came back into my life… the three of us have been friends and just sort of becoming the three musketeers…

There is a lot of feeling happening… so far it’s very positive. My oldest friend has had some crisis in his life… my girlfriend is also healing from a traumatic past.

The three of us have been developing a very close bond… I love having both of them in my life.

I know it’s confusing… I know not a lot of people approve of the idea… I know it’s very unusual… but my life feels better with them both.


How would you feel if your girlfriend had relations with you other friend?

The three of us have talked… and so far… if it happened… oddly enough… I’d be Ok with it… When I think of it… I don’t seem to feel upset or agitated… I feel Ok.

It’s a slow moving development… very uncharted waters for all three of us.

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That’s good to hear. My difficulty was that I was not okay with Aaron sleeping with Lauren or Lauren sleeping with me. It had to be Aaron with me, or a threesome.

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Granted, I was in full blown psychosis when this relationship played out. I really needed Aaron.

I’m trying to figure if this is healthy… or if I’m slipping… I know I get pretty carried away when I get manic… but I’ve been on mood stabilizers and not feeling that euphoric.

I have some deep feelings for them both… Chris (oldest friend) we had some encounters back when we were teens… Sindy is pretty open and laid back as well… and Sindy and Chris have been helping each other through some dark times too.

love them both… lots to figure out.

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It’s hard to tell, it really is… I still have a lot of deep seated questions and feelings about that whole ordeal, but, I wouldn’t want to lose that experience.

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