Sexuality and schizophrenia

It’s SUCH a relief to be able to mention this to someone who has been through this situation and hasn’t gotten upset or anything.

my sis knows… and she understands… she knows I love them both and she knows them pretty well… she’s been supportive… which makes me feel better.

I haven’t really had the balls to tell others in my life about the situation… I just keep saying we’re all three good friends.

No one else I’ve asked about a polyamrous relationship has any idea… some get very outraged…

I try not to go into too much detail… I am open to this new experience.

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You are more than welcome to talk to me about this sort of thing, or anything bdsm related for that matter. I have a fair share of experience.

I found that when I did decide to tell people about our relationship, I simply made it obvious(holding both their hands etc.) It went over very smoothly. People accepted it because it was already a thing, not a potential.

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Thank you so much for your understanding. I’ve been going through some deep thinking about this…

It’s all been happening so slowly…

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No problem! PM me anytime if you need an outside opinion.

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Best of luck with it man. Interesting scenario.

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Thank you for that…

It’s a surprising situation for all of us.

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