Sexual indifference

I don’t care about sex anymore, no desire to be intimate. I know it’s from my meds, got severe negative symptoms. I’m also 50 years old so that may have something to do with it. Maybe I’m low on testosterone I don’t know.

More likey the meds, in my case its the meds and I turned 30 this year.

I’m glad to be done with sex, I’m recently divorced and 53. The last couple years of my marriage I was dreading when he would approach me for sex, I just didn’t have those feelings anymore. Maybe it would be different with someone else, but I doubt it.


Usually İ don t like to write sexual messages but i m at the same boat like you guys.pleasure is really long distance memory for me and i used to it.i m trying to my best at my job, trying to learn java chatting with my ex wife is enough for me.i will not ruin my stability when i try to get sexual drug is make me stable sleep everything ok so i must be ok.

My meds kill my sex drive too. I have no interest in my sexuality I loathe it.

I’m not sure how I feel about sex. It all comes down to feeling good in myself and meeting the right person

I have no sex drive. However I am having regular sex because I’m trying to get pregnant. I feel useless in the bedroom though.

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