Sexual indifference

I’m having zero sex drive, not interested in males or females. I am 50 plus years old so maybe it’s my testosterone levels. I’m also on clozapine, Invega and Prozac with lithium. I find having no sex drive has help with my thinking. No longer thinking all the time about sex.

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I found in the past when I wasn’t thinking about a love interest I did better in school, or work.


I have no interest in sex anymore, since i started on clozaril!

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I’m on clozapine too, and have no interest in sex


I’m on perphenazine and have no sex drive but find it still think about it all the time because I miss it.


In all likelihood it is a side effect of the drugs. I remember when I was on 20mg zyprexa I had no interest, then I got to 10 and had a vague interest, and now on 3,75 I have a mediocre interest.

I have no sex drive on Invega Sustenna but that’s a good thing because formerly I was addicted to porn and now I don’t watch it at all.


I think it is caused by your meds, especially clozapine and invega.


I’m hyper sexual lately, all I think about, never thought at my age I would be like that.

Must be the Abilify

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I’m on amisulpride and olanzapine and lamotrigine, and have no sex drive at all. Doesn’t bother me - because I don’t miss it. Always thought it was something shameful and it just leads to kids which I never wanted anyway.

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I think about sex a lot. Well it’s been years since I’ve had sex.

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I am on Clopixol and a chronic masturbator. I don’t complain. Plenty of sexdrive, BUT, i don’t think all the time about sex. Please ,don’t be depressed. You are superior human being like me. Dunno, animal or human ? We all feel pain, we all go mad as well under certain circumstances.

This post deserves the lovehearts of every member in the forum. :thinking:

So you are telling me its crap.

I KNOW it’s the meds and it deeply wounds me. I squeak out an orgasm maybe once every two days. I miss it completely.

I’m on Abilify and I think regularly in sex

I think too much about sex and it hurts having no partner I think its the Haloperidole.

I had a pretty healthy sex drive until just this past year. I was a late bloomer anyways when it came to sex but up until this past year it seems sex was always on my mind even though I’m almost sixty. But this past year, I stopped thinking about it constantly.

I never thought I would say this but I’m glad my sex drive has drastically slowed down.

It was just such a bother thinking about it so much and though I hadn’t been really trying to get sex anyways, it’s a relief that it’s not on my mind so much anymore. I mean I can still admire a pretty woman and if somehow an opportunity to have sex magically came up I would do it, but I don’t really have anyone in my life right now that I would actively pursue.


It’s strange I can “shut of” because I don’t masturbate or think about sex but my last x was the best sex ever and I had ecstatic sex with him and was screaming in extatic joy and pleasure and I was with him a few months ago.

So I have a sex drive when with someone I approve of but when I’m single I just don’t think about it.dont masturbate.nada.

I want to have sex again but I have herpes and hpv and it sucks having to tell any future partner plus I don’t want one night stand I want stable faithful monogami relationship but I still love my x in sa but he is not the best sex I had but he is the best man I know and the one I love most.

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I’m now 50 and my libido is low…thank gawd. It was high till my late 40’s and I’m still interested and all but it’s not the deal breaker it once was. That isn’t a bad way to live for me…

It’s nice not having to worry about it.


Perhaps sex is primary in life. I agree with several of you who say, if I understand, that sex occupies too much of our thoughts and maybe we are better off without it.
I wonder if part of the deal with sz is that we can’t have good sex?