Feeling sexual again

I’ve changed meds recently.Was on clozapine for years and didn’t think about women that way.Is it good or bad for schizophrenic?
What I mean,it’s new feeling for me.I lived in celibacy for twenty years and never felt need to interact with them in sexual way.Now it just confuses me.Don’t now what to do or how to behave with women again.It changes my look on life in another matter.
Yes,and I don’t want to pay for it so no freak posts please.


Know it sounds crude (sorry) but i found my libido came back with a vengance and left me horny. Put some (over 18) porn on and have a wank. You’ll feel better. Its not bad for a schizphrenic - it means your feelings and emotions are coming back. Do yourself a bit of self-abuse - and then you wont have sex on your mind all the time. (Really Sorry Ladies!) x

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My real issue is how to approach women.I’m afraid because of my illness I’ll do something inappropriate.Thanks for response…

Hey, im a girl but i understand some of your confusion, i think. I lowered haldol a while back and suddenly i have all these feelings, including sexual ones, and i am all confused. I have no clue what to do with it. It is almost… inconvenient?

Many guys arent too difficult if you propose something casual. I only want a loving relationship though. And that is harder, with my issues. Im scared of sex and of relationships.

So…im not sure whether it is a blessing or a curse to have my libido back.

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I do think you might want to just try approach women though.

Perhaps my selection process is skewed, but most guys i talk to on datingsites have something - chronic depression, bipolar, autism, psychosis. You are not the only one. And it is not a reason for girls to run away, or not for me. Actually, i tend to prefer people with some weirdness.

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i was worried i would have no libido and stuff going on paliperidone but nope still wake up with a rager every morning, it wouldve sucked to have ED or something at 19

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First,I would like to thank you for posting.There is a things that I still don’t understand about dating,meeting,contact.I’m also very careful because my illness may swim out during conversation with girls.They could misinterpretate my affection,and also this days it’s easy to be hospitalized due to misaproach.

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whats the best part while having sex…?

Hey, trust me, women are often just as clueless. I know i am! :wink: And other men too. I heard several men complain about not knowing how to seduce a woman.

What dont you understand?

My personal experience is, that some people dont want to be involved with someone with MI. You are better off without them. Some people are very accepting though…I have even become floridly psychotic with a guy after a few dates and after my explanations he still wanted to date. Usually telling things bit by bit seems like the safer approach though. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I probably shouldnt be the one giving dating advice btw. I can manage a few dates, but not a relationship.

I think that are the ones who decide whether they will continue conversation or just turn it down.Man are more prone to meet women for sex I think and they care less about women’s illness.When I was young and pretty,women used to like me more,even while drinking,often asked me for a phone number.Now I’m not in that position to choose will someone like me physically,because I’m soon 45 and I’m bold,have some weight and even my last girlfriend I had didn’t recognize me,as well the other people.

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Yes,you should because you seem to be in position like me when emotions suddenly came out…

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I don’t really know how it feels now,because I didn’t have any for 20 years and I feel like a virgin again…I don’t know how the kiss feels…

I dont know about dating with women of course. I know men do often want random sex indeed. I usually tell guys right away im not having sex with them any time soon.

I know as a 20-something i have refused to date with wonderful guys - smart, loving, funny - because they were a tiny bit chubby or other arrogant nonsense things. Women get older too though…most get way less critical about looks. I personally wouldnt end a date if a guy is overweight or bald or depressed or…

And you dont look bad i think!

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Ever since I got my IUD in my libido has dropped drastically. It’s pretty upsetting for me. This is my last option for birth control, it’s all I can do. And it takes away my sex drive :pensive:

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thanks @anon73478309

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the orgasim is IMO

I struggled loads with contraception too. Hormones kill libido and mood, i didnt want iud. Did you consider diaphragm?

I just dont trust barrier methods alone there is too much that can go wrong

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Yes, that sounds reasonable. It is a risk.

I dont even dare having sex anyway, so thats pretty safe. :slight_smile: