No lust for a year

just don’t get turned on like I used to. im only 34, maybe the weight I’ve put on is part of the problem…not sure. sex is a chore, I just can’t get into it anymore. I was hoping to have a sex life until I was 40 or so, but right now im dead in the water.

I wonder if my physiology and inner workings will go back to normal if I stop meds. I’ve taken them so long I fear its just my new normal and I won’t go back to normal.

Ha I wish. Especially with the dang demon that’s been around lately that hasn’t been possible for me.

Also every time I have gone off meds my libido returns and it’s fairly normal for the libido to return post-med so don’t worry too much. Also not all meds reduced my libido so maybe you could look for one that doesn’t.

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