Sexual dysfunction from amisulpride?

I am taking amisulpride 200mg/100mg daily and trihexyphenidyl 1mg daily. I am symptom free but am experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED). Really low sex drive.
Does anyone here experiencing problems with sexual health with these meds and given dose amounts?

Amisulpride is very effective drug and is known to increase prolactin levels. It ranks 2nd in terms of efficacy after clozapine. [1]

High prolactin will cause side effects such as decreased libido, sexual dysfunction (in both men and women), erectile dysfunction, infertility and gynaecomastia(enlarged man breasts). It can also cause hyperprolactinaemia.


I experienced a decline in my sexual function when they put me on a typical anti-depressant, but it’s better now that I’m on Geodon and Seroquel. It’s not like it was before I took any AP, but it’s better.

yeah, the high level of prolactin caused by Amisulpride contributed to low sex drive in people. I take 250mg Amisulpride daily and suffer from a range of side effects including low sex drive. But this med is really effective in suppressing positive symptoms.

How long u been taking amisulpride for ?

Did it cause gynaecomastia(enlarged man breasts) for you?

@green6 Yes. It’s great at controlling positive symptoms. And has also helped me with negative as well.

I am a woman, so no gynaecomastia for me. I have been taking this med for 2 years.

@clinic I am experiencing decreased libido, erectile dysfunction (sexual dysfunction). I don’t have gynaecomastia as yet. I have been taking amisulpride for last 2 or 3 years.

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i am taking amisulpride for past 6 years. yes it causes gynaecomastia but the med is very effective for postivie symptoms and also does well for negative ones.

About reduced libido, i have other experience. it has incresed my Libido to more than normal. i am very sexual active… so its upto individual, which side effect kicks in.

How old are you? And what is your dose amount?

i take the same dose of ap as you and have the same problem

Currently I am taking 200mg amisulpride. And I still have ED.

How old are you?

34 and i’ve been taking this med for about 6 years

Have you asked your psychiatrist for ropinirole? Mine told it’s effective in treating antipsychotic induced sexual dysfunction.

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no, i havent had that but i did gget some viagra which only caused a nose bleed lol

As far as I know Viagra just improves blood flow to your peni-s. Actual arousal and signals for it and erection originate in brain. And this is where antipsychotics and ropinirole like drugs act.
Viagra is beneficial for age related sexual dysfunction not for drug induced.

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well i took 2 and got a nose bleed, there is a range of them though

i am 36 and i take 400mg/day … i believe it depends upon lot of factors…if i put long gap between two sexual sessions, my libido may decrease… so i do it almost every second day…so i think i am in the flow… and i feel like having more of it