Amisulpride and sex drive

My prolactin is very low on Abilify. Would Amisulpride still cause it to skyrocket?

Do all people have sexual side effects from Amisulpride?

Also, if anyone could suggest whether they lost/gained weight on it and how much, it would be appreciated.

It would probably cause an increase. Skyrocket? I think that is dose-dependent.

I never noticed sexual side effects from amisulpride or sulpiride, but I have not tried very large doses.

I didn’t notice any effects on appetite or weight.


What is the difference between Amisulpride and Sulpride?

Amisulpride is newer. The chemical structure differs a bit.

That much is true.

I think the dose of amisulpride is a bit lower, and that it antagonises the serotonin 5-HT7 receptor more than sulpiride.


I have been on 800mg and 1200mg of Amisulpride, and everything still works (ed) fine…

High prolactin, but I am taking 5mg Abilify to lower the prolactin

Moving to Clozapine as per other thread.

Have been taking 800mg Amisulpride for nearly 4 years, and 1200mg for two months and still fine

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I’m on 400mg amisulpride and my prolactin is high but nothing much else I tried works for my symptoms as well as amisulpride. My sex drive is almost nonexistent for years and I’m probably infertile but that doesn’t bother me as I’m not into having kids. Didn’t gain weight on amisulpride as much as I did on olanzapine. All in all its worth it as it works miracles for me.


IS your sex drive non-existent because the prolactin is high?

Abilify lowers my prolactin a lot, therefore, I was wondering if Amisulpride would be a good mix. Even if it increases it, I think it will stabilize. The last thing I want is no sex drive.

I don’t know but probably, because I’ve taken amisulpride since 2013 and it’s been a problem since then. But I’m used to it now and it doesn’t bother me.

It sounds as if Abilify and amisulpride can be a good combo, but check with your pdoc

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