Only Amisulpride works for me but it also brings erectile dysfunction..need help!

Hello I had been on a codeine phosphate addiction for over 7 years in my early 20s. I was diagnosed with bipolar condition in the late 20s and after a lot of permutation and combination of prescribed drug I finally found comfort with amisulpride 100mg. With my own efforts to limit the drug use i reduced it down to 20mg and was doing very well mentally with it. But it brought in erectile dysfunction as amisulpride induces increased prolactin levels causing the condition as I researched it.

I consulted a local doctor and he suggested i shift to Lusasidone, which I did. The erectile dysfunction disappeared but my mental state was again messed up. I had to go back to amisulpride 50mg and am not dick dead but controlled mental levels.

I realize that Amisulpride without the prolactin inducing part is my only therapy. I am requesting this forum to help me find the right drug that is a combination of amisulpride ( to keep my mental levels at optimum) without the prolactin inducing agents.

Would be a great help for me to lead a normal decent life.
thanks again

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There’s plenty of choices these days. If you have a decent psychiatrist then hook up with them. A good one would have a feel to what may work. I’d say you’d avoid risperdal…that too can increase prolactin. It really is a medical question for a professional. Try your shrink.

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Hi bhai are u from india …!! Good to see people from india…!!! U are below therapeutic dose of amisulpride… are u from mumbai…?? What do u do.??

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